Claudia Komminoth  

Claudia Komminoth, Founder / President

Everything began with a four-week stay in February 2012, in Siem Reap, Cambodia. I taught children in a project for a month in English. During this time, I experienced some great and unforgettable moments with the children and locals, and was able to delve into Cambodian culture.

The more I saw, the more it became clear to me, that we are only at the start of a long journey. I travelled to Cambodia in order to give the people there something, but realized that I got much more back from them than I was ever able to give.

While back in Switzerland, I could not escape the thought that I could do more than just donating money once a year to an organization - the idea for Eyes Open was born.


Thomas Egli  

Thomas Egli, Founder/ Member

Despite the fact that I only have experienced these impressions and stories of Cambodia from a distance, this has not prevented me from becoming active. The enthusiasm of the two other team members has infected me and I am happy to be a part of Eyes Open.

I support our organization in all technical matters.


portrait beatrice  

Beatrice Jäger, Member

End of 2017 I was able to realise my dream to be a volunteer at the Ponheary Ly Foundation, the partner organization of Eyes Open in Cambodia. At the Khnar Village Learning Centre I was teaching children in “Arts & Crafts”. We did creative handicrafts, drew pictures, played games, danced and - not to forget - laughed a lot over the language barriers during those three weeks. What an enriching experience to see the children’s shining eyes and smiling faces! I am very grateful to have seen and experienced what Eyes Open is achieving in Cambodia.

I am convinced that their approach is effective and progressive and I am proud to be a part of Eyes Open.


portrait michael  

Michael Regenfuss, Member

With the quote of Mahatma Gandhi "Happiness does not come from the things we possess. Happiness comes from work and our pride in what we do" I started and established my commitment to Eyes Open in 2016. This has not changed until today. The only thing that has changed is my responsibility at this foundation, for which I am now allowed to be active in the foundation board. Many thanks.

A visit to Cambodia has not yet been given to me, and due to external global circumstances it will not be possible to travel there in 2020 either. And yet I have felt very close to the country since my youth because of the sad presence in the media. I am happy to be able to help alleviate the suffering in this country through our sustained work and to give the children a smile.

Elisabeth Thomann  

Elisabeth Thomann, Eyes Open Advocate

Asia has for a long time been in my heart. It is an honour to be welcomed by such friendly and accepting people.

I have known since my visit to Cambodia in October 2013 that I wanted to delve deeper. I spent an unforgettable day with Eyes Open and seeing the endless joyof the children receiving their simple noodle dish touched me deeply.

For these reason I’m now a part of Eyes Open!


Franziska Schmitz  

Franziska Schmitz, Eyes Open Advocate

Since February 2011, two hearts have been beating in my chest - one for my life up to now, with all its comforts, and the second for Cambodia, with all its wealth. The wealth is different from that which we have in Switzerland, it is its happiness, laughter, the generosity and gratefulness of its people. For a period of six weeks, I was able to work (as a volunteer) and teach children.

One and a half months that changed my perspective in a lasting way, and helped me to look closely - with Eyes Open.



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