Food Program

Eyes Open provides funding for over 500 pupils to receive a substantial balanced breakfast six times a week and a large lunch regularly.

For the majority of the kids the breakfast is the reason why they are going to school. There is little nutrition for the children at home and even though rice fills the belly, it isn’t a healthy and balanced diet and provides no energy.

Lunch is very important for the children. It isn't usual for them to be able to eat as much as they want, but our lunch provides at least two bowls of food per child. Some of the children eat their two bowls themselves, others save some to take home to their siblings so they can also have something to eat.

By funding the provision of breakfasts and lunches we are helping the community to help themselves. The chart below shows the ways in which this is affective:



A balanced diet is the beginning of everything. If these children have enough food, they have enough energy to learn, to play, to be a child. And these children are the future of Cambodia.

Thank you very much for your support. We can change nothing without your help.


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